Ultimate Dental Makeovers in Haddon Heights, NJ

The concept of Extreme Makeover was brought to ABC by a colleague of New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Steve Markus', Dr. Bill Dorfman of Beverly Hills, CA. Georgia Farbiarz, was selected as the first Barsky Ultimate Makeover, and then his radio show was cancelled. The reason she was chosen was because of the letter written by her daughters.When the radio show was dropped, Dr. Markus didn’t let the makeover die. He asked many local colleagues to help out, and Georgia was not disappointed. More extreme dental makeovers links.

Read about Georgia's experience in this article from South Jersey Lifestyle Magazine.
Click the links below to view all parts of Georgia's Ultimate Makeover.

Makeover Video Part 1 - Makeover Video Part 2 - Makeover Video Part 3 - Makeover Video Part 4

Extreme Dental Makeovers - Georgia Extreme Dental Makeovers – Close Up Extreme Dental Makeovers – Georgia’s Smile

Ultimate Update

Georgia was revealed at her BIG REVEAL PARTY on May 15th. With the help of New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Steve Markus and his team at The Centre for Dentistry at Haddon, Peter Recigno, Elie Malka, Eileen Abrams, Dr. Andrea Buck, Kremer Laser Eye, Anthony’s Restaurant, April Robin Florists, Andrea’s Boutique, Ronnie Coben, Louis Christian, Wayne Robert Spa, Black Tie Classics, and Georgia's daughters Cindy and Sonya, Georgia's reveal party was a SUCCESS and she looks gorgeous! Click here to view Georgia's stunning results. She looks fabulous!

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