Patient Testimonials in Haddon Heights, NJ

We have provided links to many videos on YouTube from patients who come to us from all over the state. In fact, many drive over 90 minutes, and past hundreds of dental offices to see us. We are one of the few dental offices in New Jersey that are mercury-safe, and that is a major draw.  Not a day goes by where we see someone from Avalon, or Stone Harbor, and they’re not the patient who drove the furthest that day.

Read about how important it is to us that you not feel a thing when you’re our patient.

The Dentist I'd Been Searching For

I did quite a bit of research to find a dentist who would take care of my amalgams, after reading the hazards of mercury.

Little did I know, it would be as simple and joyful to go through such a process. Dr. Markus is passionate about what he believes. He believes in the health of the person. He actually explains what he does, in a compassionate way, that you feel and know that he has experience in an area of dentistry that many ignore.

From the moment I sat down in the waiting room, to the removal of all my amalgams, I have to be thankful for the way Dr. Markus and his staff took care of me. The treatment was amazing. My teeth are like new.

Finally, A Doctor who cares about not only your teeth, but your health, a rare find in dentistry.

Thank You all,
Julio Zamora.
Pitman, NJ

Dear Dr. Markus:

Thank you again for perfecting my smile! Ever since I was a kid and my sister nicknamed me “Bucky Beaver”, I wished I had straight teeth. They just weren’t bad enough to think about doing anything about it. But when my front teeth started discoloring from the impact of my overbite, and I was told by my dentist that the only solution was braces or eventually losing them, I decided I had no choice. I started doing research and came across the Six Month Smile. Then I saw your ad in Girlfriendz magazine and decided to check it out. Everyone in your office was so happy and friendly, that even a dentalfobe like me decided to give it a try. Thank you for being so patient and understanding during my six months of adjustments. Gloria is wonderful and walked me through every step. I can’t believe the change in such a short period of time!

Ever since I got my braces off in May, I catch people looking at my teeth as I talk, and inevitably they will say, “You have beautiful teeth!” WOW – that is something I never thought I would hear! I tell everyone about the Centre for Dentistry and the Six Month Smile! Now I’m more confident and love getting photos taken! Also I’m not worried anymore about damage to my teeth.

Thanks again,
Cindy Cipriani

In November 2010, I decided that I wanted to have the space between my teeth closed. I did and on-line search for cosmetic dentistry and found Dr. Steve Markus at the Centre for Dentistry. I found his website to be very informative and comprehensive. I decided that Dr. Markus had the expertise to carry out what I thought to be an impossible task.

I scheduled the consult and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the office on the day of my appointment. I found the staff to be very warm and friendly. The office looked more like a home than a stuffy hole-in-the-wall.

Dr. Markus was warm, friendly, and honest. When he examined my mouth, he told me what I already knew. The severe anxiety that I had experienced at other dental offices and kept me from returning for follow-up care left my teeth in poor condition. Dr. Markus was not judgmental and put my anxieties to rest.

Dr. Markus established trust at “Hello”. He and his Dental Assistant, Laura Bevington, made sure that I was comfortable and pain free at every visit. Their care and concern did not end when I left the office. After every procedure, Dr. Markus and Laura took the time to contact me to see how I was doing, and to make sure that I was pain free.

As patient advocates, Dr. Markus and Laura far exceeded my expectations. They took the time to talk to me about the procedures I would have, answered any questions I had, and made sure that I never had to wait on the day of my appointments. Dr. Markus and Laura also spent a great deal of time communicating with the technicians that would be making my crowns, bridge, and porcelain inlays. I’d never received as much care, attention, and compassion as I received from Dr. Markus, Laura, and the rest of the staff at the Centre for Dentistry.

I will end by saying that Dr. Markus and his staff did an excellent job with all the work that was done to my mouth and the care I received. What I thought was an impossible task became a priority for Dr. Markus. He was able to restore my smile, and in the process became a friend.

Dear Dr. Markus,

I want to thank you and your staff for giving me a beautiful smile that I now love to show off. I've always had healthy teeth, but always had embarrassment over the crooked appearance of my upper teeth. Specifically, I has what one can only refer to as "fangs". I decided, at age 30, to visit Dr. Markus for a smile makeover. This was one of the best decisions that I've made! Dr. Markus took the time to explain the procedure carefully and answered all of my questions fully. After four porcelain veneers transformed my smile, years of embarrassment and trying to hide my smile disappeared.

That was almost 15 years ago. I've never had one problem with my veneers. When I first got the veneers, I was told that they would probably hold up for 10 to 15 years. I think Dr. Markus was conservative with this estimate because they are still looking as beautiful as they did 15 years ago.

My children and I go to the Centre for Dentistry for all our dental care. We look forward to seeing Dr. Markus, Dr. Dawn Michele and Melissa-as well as the rest of the staff. We are always greeted by name by the front desk staff and we feel like we are visiting friends.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that Dr. Markus gives back to the community very generously. He is a true philanthropist in every sense of the word.

Kim Otto
Haddonfield New Jersey

To the whole team at Dr. Markus Dentistry,

Thank you for always making us feel welcome and for treating my four year old so well during our visits! Truly a family atmosphere!

Jackie Price

P.S. The referral gift card as much appreciated! Thanks again!

My first reaction to the reflection in the mirror handed to me after Dr. Stephen Markus completed the restoration of my smile was to exclaim to the good doctor, "You are more than a dentist, you are an artist!" I have never in my seventy plus years been so confident and comfortable speaking and smiling in the company of others. Illness and the ravages of time had taken their toll on my mouth's health and appearance, but Dr Markus has given me one more blessing to add to my list on many. My heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Markus and his talented and caring staff.

See video testimonial.


Thank you for creating such a terrific smile.


Dr. Markus,

After 18 to 20 years of psychiatric drugs, (which usually made me feel worse) one deviated septum operation, and trying every supplement on the market I was totally deflated. I am 42 and I was becoming convinced I had early on-set Alzheimer's. I was losing not only my vision, but also my hearing, memory and ability to "think on my feet".

The severe headaches were becoming common and my joints hurt so bad , I would wince in pain whenever I would utilize them. You and your staff quickly determined, it was likely I had heavy metal poisoning. I went to The Chung Institute at your recommendation. Having the Mercury Laden Amalgam fillings removed by an experienced professional (you) was the single most important step I could take to restore my health!

Dr. Shin is still working with me to remove the heavy metals. When I first went to see him, he told me, "get all the silver/mercury fillings removed from your teeth and then we can proceed." A lot of people think being poisoned by your fillings is hooey. I would like to tell them, when they come to their senses, to go see you and get the poison removed from their mouths.


Dear Dr. Markus,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new smile. I had veneers placed on my upper teeth over seventeen years ago to cover gaps that could not be closed after extensive orthodontic treatment. Due to gum loss and visibly prominent eye teeth, I became increasingly unhappy and self-conscious with my teeth's appearance.  After a consultation and thorough evaluation by you and your staff, I felt confident in my decision to proceed with your office. I was very impressed with your state-of-the-art facility, digital x-rays and computerized bite analysis. Additionally, you were very informative and helpful in selecting the appropriate shade, shape and contour of my veneers. I explained to you that while I was in no rush, I was constrained by my  job and role as a mother of twin toddlers in the amount of visits in which the veneers could be replaced. True to your word, in just a few visits, you  took an impression, placed temporaries, ordered the veneers and placed them.

Notably, while I was waiting for my permanent veneers to come in, I had a minor emergency and Dr. Scott treated me at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night! I am extremely pleased with the final results and trust me, I am a very hard person to please!

Dear Dr. Markus:

I initially came to you for an improvement of my smile.  Little did I expect that not only would you do a fantastic job correcting the defects in my smile, but that you'd eliminate the headaches that have plagued me for many, many years.

Your examination was very thorough, to say the least.  You looked at my teeth, and then looked me squarely in the eyes, and said, "You have headaches, don't you?"  I couldn't believe you could tell that from looking at my teeth.  Your assessment was unbelievable.

But more unbelievable was the fact that since adjusting my bite 8 months ago, before you performed your cosmetic magic, and making my NTI appliance, I have not once awakened with a headache in the morning.  You have not only enhanced my appearance, but made me a very happy and healthier person.

Thank you for being so thorough.
Patti Sanchez


Dear Dr. Markus,
During the last several years, my marital relationship of over 40 years was being disrupted by my "snoring". Sleeping in separate beds hurt me deeply.

In looking for a solution, I first visited a ENT doctor who upon examination informed me that I had a deviated septum. So I had that corrected but this did not diminish the snoring.

Next, I went to a pulmonary specialist who sent me for a sleep test which revealed I had mild sleep apnea. The recommendation was for me to use a CPAP apparatus during sleep; however, I cannot tolerate being tethered, so that was not a solution for me.

In desperation, I tried a new ENT doctor who recommended the "Pillar Procedure" which is the implanting of three tiny polyester implants into the soft palate. I had that procedure done and to my dismay there was no change. I was desperate to banish my snoring and bring marital bliss back into my life.

Then I saw your ad. Some months went by before I took the leap to try again. During my consultation with you I became encouraged. I took the SomnoMed device home hoping beyond hope that this was the answer. I went to bed that night with trepidation. Upon morning hubby and I were still in the same bed - WOW! That was a great feeling to me - not having my husband leave during the night because my snoring was keeping him awake. The next few nights I wore the device and got the same results. Each morning I would ask my hubby how he slept and he would say "fine". He didn't know that I was using the SomnoMed device. This device has brought me joy, lifted my spirit and has enriched my well being each day.

Thank you for advertising, thank you for listening, thank you for being so nice!!

Kathy P.

Dear Dr. Markus,
I would like to thank you for giving me my quality of life back.  After you removed the mercury fillings in my teeth to be exact eight fillings.

As you know I have Menieres, I saw several Doctors and they all told me there was no cure for it and they told me to lay down and rest when I had an attack.  These attacks came quite often and some were severe.

I went to see Dr. Chung M.D. for acupuncture treatment, upon his first visit he told me to go have the mercury fillings removed.
Searching the internet, I saw articles about the connections of mercury & Menieres.

Upon more research I found your office and after you removed the mercury fro my teeth I have not had any attacks of symptoms of Menieres, not dizzy, vertigo, or ear pressure.

I now feel like a new person and can resume a normal life and even played golf 5 days in a row!

Thank You for your expert help on this mercury problem.

Dave Rowson
Sewell New Jersey

I had been suffering with daily headaches, jaw pain, tooth pain, and nausea for about 6 years. I had developed a horrible case of TMJ from daily and nightly bruxism. I tried everything - many different medications, mouthguards, relaxation, hypnosis, psychotherapy, exercise, and numerous others treatments. I even took out a loan to see this specialist in North Jersey - it didn't work but cost me $6500.00. I was frustrated, depressed and broke when I found Dr. Markus.

I originally went to see Dr. Markus after my physician had diagnosed mercury poisoning. I was referred to him because Dr. Markus is a mercury-free dentist he was going to replace my silver fillings with composites using the safest technique.

Following a lengthy discussion during the consultation, he discussed the fact that my headaches sounded like they could be TMJ-related and he suggested an NTI for me. He knew that I had been through a lot with my health so he recommended that I research it myself and get back to him. He seemed confidant enough in the product that he didn't have to "sell" it to me. I did research it and called him the next day to schedule my appointment to get mine.

Everything I read was positive and I was eager to give it a try. I got my NTI the day before my trip to Italy. I was anxious about being sick on my trip but with my new NTI I had nothing to worry about. I have worn the NTI every night since and I no longer have jaw pain, tooth pain or get nauseous from head pain. My headaches are much less frequent and less intense. And it’s only been 3 weeks since I started wearing my NTI.

I highly recommend Dr. Markus and the NTI appliance. It is well worth the money!

Ginamarie Trotta


Dr Markus, Melissa and the great staff at The Centre For Dentistry. I want to thank you so much for detecting the white lesion under my tongue last Tuesday while cleaning my teeth. I know in the past I have never been one to be very punctual as to my six month appointments but for some reason this time, with help and reminders from your staff, I did come in for my appointment on time. Six months ago you introduced me to a liquid screening cancer test, which was optional and not covered by insurance. I accepted and the results were negative. This time Melissa detected a white patch under my tongue while performing her normal cleaning and inspecting. Additional procedures were followed which concluded a very high chance of tongue cancer.

To say the least, I was in shock. I am 62, never been in a hospital, never been sick, have not missed a day of work in 20 years, travel the world and work 70 hours a week. I was at a loss as to what to do. Dr Markus in his always professional manner, directed and counseled me with several phone calls that evening.

I thank you all very very much for doing a great job, detecting the problem and your counsel.

I think I will start having my normal checkups every four months instead of six.

Just as an update, as of today and the process that I am following: I have a friend and a long time business associate at Reed Smith, a law firm in Philadelphia. She is a double breast cancer survivor and continues to doctor today with great success at Penn Medicine. Called her within an hour of getting home, she called Dr David Mintzer, Chief, Section Head of Hematology-Oncology, Penn Medicine, he reviewed the situation and referred me to Jason G Newman, MD also at Penn Medicine. Met with Dr Newman this morning for 45 minutes, followed by a biopsy. His initial feel is that it may or may not be cancer but an unusual lesion. I have a follow up appointment next Monday for the biopsy results. If not cancerous or if it is pre-cancerous he will operate in the office. If it is cancer, he will schedule an operation within a week for its removal. Dr Newman seems very confident that the situation has been caught early and can be resolved within a short period of time without any personal issues or consequences.

Obviously the solution to what could have had dire consequences was brought to light by your great staff. Kathy and I can not thank you enough.

Will keep you updated.


Dear Dr. Markus:

Some day I hope you fully realize the difference you made in a young persons life. When I brought Nick to your office for the first time I had no idea what to expect.

You and your team are the most people oriented medical professionals I have ever met. Your philosophy, honesty, and concern are incredibly unique and greatly appreciated.

The work you put into Nick’s diagnosis, the treatment options you gave us and the way you put us both at ease actually made the visits fun. Nick’s teeth are beautiful and we cannot stop him from smiling now. After years of lips that were sealed shut it is unbelievable how quickly he changed. He changed because he is comfortable speaking and laughing without worrying about showing his teeth. People’s perception of him has changed as well. Your team understood more than anyone I had ever talked to how important it is to have a nice smile.

Now that his teeth are done the compliments are never ending, and everyone who said it did not matter cannot believe how much it really did matter. My husband thought we were crazy and he is so thankful we found you now. Nick has received so many compliments in front of him you would think I was paying the people and setting it up. He receives compliments from the barber, the teachers, customers he waits on and he just smiles all the more and says thank you.

So to you I say, thank you. Thank you for taking a relaxed & down to earth approach to your work and always remembering that the person in the chair is just that, a person. Thank you for respecting that our time is important too, you are the only doctor I have ever had that never made me wait. Thank you for coming in on Friday night when he ground his teeth in his sleep and broke off the temporary. Most of all thank you for the SMILE, it is truly a million dollar smile for a lot less!

Very Truly Yours,

Stella Jastrebski

Dear Dr. Markus,

I just returned from your office after completion of extensive dental work over a period of seven visits and felt compelled to write you a note of thanks. I started this extensive dental work treatment with you and your office, when I came up from the shore over 10 months ago. Now that it is over, I can say I never felt so childish. A man of over 50 years, and I was deathly afraid of the Dentist. Embarrassing to say the least. I am so glad I found out about your office on the web.

On the first day in your office I repeatedly told you how frightened I was to even be talking to a dentist, let alone seriously considering having dental work done even though I knew I desperately needed the work. On that first day, you took your time to explain every step of the way and assured me that no work would be performed unless I was totally comfortable and experienced NO PAIN. On that day, I wanted to believe you, and in my heart I thought I should but my past experience told me to be skeptical. To be honest with you now, I will tell you the only reason I started the procedures is because I did desperately need to have my teeth repaired and I wanted to believe you.

From my first visit to your office all the way to the last, you and your staff made me feel totally comfortable and in fact… almost like one of your extended family. Each member of your staff seems to completely understand the fear and apprehension people like me have about sitting in a dentist chair only to await the pain and horrors. I have tried all the pain-killers before (Novocain / Laughing Gas) from prior dentists, and they never seemed to work until an hour after I left their dental chair.

You, on the other hand are the exception to the rule. I never… (Let me repeat that…) “I NEVER” felt any pain throughout the extensive process of cleaning, filling, deep root cleaning, extractions, and especially the placement and beautiful reconstruction over SEVEN implants. If I had only found you, or a dentist like you, over 25 years ago… who knows…? I might just have my own teeth in my mouth.

I am pleased that now, I can even drive myself from the shore, to your office, but have all my treatment done without conscious sedation. I feel like I am where I should be mentally / dentally.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.



Dear Steve,

Recently, Cheryl returned to our practice to assess the final restorations over the implants in the sites of the missing maxillary right lateral incisor, the right cuspid and the right first premolar.
It is routine for us to encourage the patient to return upon the completion of the prosthetic stage of treatment to assess the final restorations. Please note that your patient is thrilled with the final result both from a functional and an aesthetic standpoint.

Also, I wanted you to appreciate how good of a job I thought you had done on the case. I remember how difficult the soft tissue relationship was that I left you upon the completion of the implant integration stage of treatment. The result is beautiful. In any event, every once in a while it is nice to know that somebody is recognizing the quality of your care.

Michael F. Sullivan, D.M.D.

Dr Markus,

My wife Donna and I would like to take a few moments to let you know about your wonderful staff. We've been patients of your practice for many years, but last week we had an experience that deserves a "Well done!". Donna developed pain in a tooth during the busiest of weeks - New Year's. Dr. Phillips made room in her full schedule to see her. Donna was referred to an endodontist since she needed a root canal on a tooth with a crown. Shannon and Betsy both patiently endured panicked phone calls from me since we were having difficulty finding someone to take care of Donna. They were able to find us a great endodontist (Dr Gebbia), to help us get all of our insurance and record information together, and to reassure us that all would be well. You'd think that would be enough to make us thrilled - but wait, there's more! Due to a difficult recovery from a stomach bug, Donna was unable to tolerate the antibiotic prescribed by Dr. Phillips. Naturally this happened outside of business hours, but Dr. Scott (the emergency on-call) responded to our emergency calls twice on New Year's Eve and New Year's day. He was both very helpful and reassuring. Dr. Phillips even followed up with us personally by calling us at home on her day off to make sure that Donna was ok and told us to call her if we had any unresolved issues. The depth of caring by all your office staff has touched us both and we appreciate that such great people are there when we needed it.

Great job all around!

Rob and Donna Kapischke

Drs. Phillips and Markus,

This is to express a big Thank You for the work that you both performed on my teeth. I must tell you that at first I was apprehensive about going to get my teeth fixed. But, after I researched the Centre for Dentistry and saw the amazing transformations you had accomplished with others, I was actually excited about coming in. You did not let me down. What’s been even more incredible is the elevation in my self-esteem. Also, because of this, my wedding day was absolutely amazing-I couldn’t stop smiling. Again, thank you, my miracle workers.

Zulma G.

Dear Dr. Markus and team,

I just want to express my extreme gratitude for the fabulous job that you did on vastly improving my smile. Everyone at your office was so great and you really made me feel comfortable with my decision to finally get my teeth fixed. I have been wanting to get this work done all my life. I used to hide my smile and cringed when I saw my teeth in the mirror. But now, I just can't seem to stop smiling and I owe it all to your incredible work. I especially want to thank you for the speed in which this was accomplished. I was only home on leave for 3 weeks before I was to report to my ship in Norfolk, Va. I was so pleased that everything was expedited to accomodate my time constraint. Only 3 visits to your office and I was a changed woman. Thank you so much for your help and I want you to know that my self esteem has never been so high!


January, 2003

You have no idea how hard it is to write this, but I need to do this to get the ball rolling... first, THANKS SO MUCH already for your website and the relief that I feel, that there is a place that could accommodate me (and my fears!) about dental procedures... you said all the right things that made me get the nerve to even CONSIDER getting off my butt and getting my teeth fixed! My story: I haven't been to a dentist in years... many years. I am very apprehensive about any dental procedure, mainly because I know I need a lot....

To read the full text of the letters that went back and forth culminating, 3 months later with this:
WOW!! -

Dr. Markus,

The sedation process was fantastic! I cannot believe how "quick" and painless it was. It seemed like I was only in the chair for a half hour yesterday. Everyone in my office is very impressed with your work. Take care and thanks again! I'll see you next week.

Click here for full text.

Aug. 08, 2002

Dear Dr. Markus AND Staff,

In May of this year, I consulted you regarding a completely new smile which has been my secret dream for 27 years. You listened and immediately had the vision and went to work. You understood my desire for needing this "yesterday". You promised that (although major work was required) I could and would realize "my dream" before my scheduled vacation in July. After only three office visits my dream became a REALITY on July 11 (two days before vacation).

I rarely write letters such as this, but I must admit that the friendly atmosphere and professional expertise that you and your staff provided has compelled me to do so.

My "new" smile has provided me renewed self-confidence and many, many compliments from family, friends, and strangers. Just know that each compliment is another referral to your office and a warm thought of what you have done for me.

My husband expects the same "dazzling" results as you now map out his "road to dental bliss". See the trend you have started. Thanks again and I will see you soon.

Gratefully Yours,
Mary Kate Werynski

August 19, 2003

Dear Dr. Markus:

First of all, I'd like to say WOW - my teeth look awesome!

Your attention to detail and commitment to quality are phenomenal. Not only do my teeth look beautiful - they look natural! Additionally, my headaches have ceased, and the realignment of my bite has improved my appearance even when I'm not smiling (which isn't very often now).

Thanks so much!

I would like to thank you for the amazing work you performed a few years back. I had lived with a "far from perfect" smile for my entire life.

I had been to other dentists who actually told me there was nothing they could do to help my situation. It seemed hopeless (until I visited your wonderful office). Now I am more confident and eager to smile. You really changed my life!

P.S. Rich and the rest of your staff are top notch, as well.


Dear Dr Markus,

Thank you very much for the wonderful lunch. It was a pleasant surprise, not only are you a great dentist, you are fun to be around!

I also want to thank you and your terrific staff for making it so comfortable and easy for me to have such extensive dental work done. Not once did I leave there having any regrets. I only wish I had done it sooner. Everyone I dealt with in your office could not have been nicer.

It's hard to imagine the difference between how I feel now compared to this time last year. I've wanted my teeth fixed for years. You will never know how grateful I am. Thank you so very much for doing such beautiful work. I feel very lucky to have seen your ad and finally done something about it.

click here to see photos of this smile makeover

Thank you again,

Dear Steve,

What can I say?  It's Been a little over a month since you put in my permanent bridge and I still can't believe how terrific my "smile" turned out.thanks to your great talent as that of your cordial and competent staff!  I never imagined that it would look this good, and realize that it was your self-admitted "perfectionism" that really made the difference.  It took a great deal of skill, confidence, and tenacity on your part to develop and implement the treatment plan that you did, as I have consulted with various dental professionals over the ears and never received what I felt was a workable plan.  Thanks again Steve.I'm glad I met you.

Sincerely, Rudolph J. Meyers

Dear Dr. Markus,

I have wanted to write this letter for a very long time. I suppose it's better late than never, especially when it's so deserving.
For anyone who thinks that any dentist can create a healthy and great smile, think again! I watched a special about dentistry on the Health Channel. They were praising the work of a dentist from Atlanta. He's known as "The Father of Cosmetic Dentistry". After viewing his before and after collection, let's just say, I'm glad he's in Atlanta. Well he may be the "Father of Cosmetic Dentistry", but you are the "Mother of all Dentists". You're even good enough to make "All-Madden".

You've earned these titles through your actions, words and ultimately the incredible results you give.

There can be no denying that you must love what you do. You possess the same passion and excitement you'd expect from a newly graduated student just beginning his/her practice. If this is your energy level after 25 years in dentistry, you must have been a maniac when you first started out!

It's a very difficult task to be an easy-going and approachable doctor and at the same time maintain your professionalism but you have mastered it beautifully.

Your office, receptionists, hygienists and assistants are incredibly warm and friendly. They go the extra mile to accommodate your needs.

Dr. Phillips, who typically treats my children, couldn't be sweeter or more informative. The fact that I could tell the kids that they've got a dental appointment and they jump into the car without fear or anxiety, says it all.

I've never met Dr. Scott, but I wouldn't doubt that he is equally as wonderful.

In closing, I feel very fortunate that my family and I are patients of your "too good to be true" practice.

Gratefully yours,

Karen Di Lullo

Dear crew,

I can't thank you enough for all your patients support and understanding, you guys were great!  I can honestly say if it weren't for all you did Id be minus one tooth right now.  Special thanks to Betsy for sitting with me and going over step by step easing my fears and answering allay questions and to Trish and Dr. Lu for being so caring and helpful.  Dr. Markus you are blessed with a wonderful crew and you obviously lead by example.

Gratefully yours, Renee Pinardo

Dr Phillips, Gloria, and everyone who has volunteered their time, Thank you so much!  You are all so very kind and caring!  It is hard to find anyone willing to do what you've done today.  Whoever heard of a group of nice and caring people at a doctor's office!  Well, now I can say I have.

Kelly Kucker

Dear Dr. Markus

I'd like to thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.  She was in so much pain but you but you didn't wait you taken care of her right away.  You sent us to the oral surgeon and they were so nice to her also.  He knew she was in pain and took care of her right away.  He took out her wisdom teeth and now she feels much better.

Thank you again,  Marge Tamburrino

Dear Stephen Markus

Words cannot express my appreciation for the dental work that I have received from your office.  If more "Public Service" people reached out, such as you do, this would be a better world.  A world that could smile

Thank you again, Robert M. Howard

Dear Dr. Markus and staff,

Words cannot express our gratitude for all your help with Ashley's dental emergency!  What a relief to have such excellent service, at such a late hour, and the comfort of your friendly staff too!  You really made what could have been a nightmare a very pleasant experience!  Thanks again were was great!

Fondly, The Landgraf Family

Dear Dr. Markus

Thank you so very much for this last crown "it had it's moments" life of it's own but it is the first time in three long years that I can eat and not dash for the rest room with floss and pray to get the food out without bleeding to death!!  Thanks to Rich also you two are awesome "Batman and Robin" of dental science.

Your grateful patient, Pat S.

Dear Dr. Markus

Gee that was okay after all!  The only thing I felt was good about myself.  You're the best!!  Thank you for going the extra distance.  Your efforts are always much appreciated.

Regards,  Tedd

October 4, 2004

I had not gone to the dentist in years because of my dental anxiety and stress due from the pain and every so familiar sounds of the dental office. When I read about the possibility of being sedated, I was ELATED! To think that I could take care of my teeth and not be stressed out and afraid the whole time..what a blessing!!

I feel as though being sedated gave me the courage to make my bleeding, receding, unhealthy gums and get them treated and cleaned extensively. Without being sedated, I am certain I would not have gone to the dentist unless my teeth were falling out - that is how much anxiety I had. Not to mention, I have been back numerous times since, and my anxiety is no longer there for a routine cleaning! It took almost 30 years and a couple little pills to make the big bad monster go away! I couldn't be happier with my results from your office as well as the prescription sedative that was provided. I felt safe, comfortable and didn't remember any of the procedure (which for me is a blessing!).

I thank Dr. Phillips and Dr. Markus and staff for holding my hand through the process and how caring and patient they have been. I could not have been happier with my results, my decision for a dental care provider, nor my decision for sedation. In fact, I will be using it again soon for my next appointment.

Cindy Randall

Dear Dr. Markus:

On March 13, 2006, I visited your office.  You outfitted me with an NTI, that fits between my two front teeth to help with my severe problem of grinding my teeth. Since I was 8, I’ve had dentists tell me that I was a grinder and that I was going to damage my teeth.  I never listened.  As I got older the grinding got more severe.  At the age of 41, my dentist was telling me that my grinding was so bad I was going to lose my teeth.  Some crowns she could not even fit because she said there was nothing to put a crown on.  She outfitted me with a night guard and I tried to use it but every morning when I woke up, it was out of my mouth and on the floor.  I hated it.  I felt like I was going to choke when I wore it.  At this point, my grinding had gotten so bad, I was getting daily headaches.  Migraines they felt like.  In fact, I always carried in my purse Excedrin Migraine Headache Medicine and would take it practically everyday.  I thought the headaches were stress related.  Then I visited you.  You looked at my teeth and addressed some of the problems I asked you about.  You then told me we had to first stop the grinding. You told me that the headaches were an effect of my grinding.  You examined my bite carefully with something, I’m not quite sure and in about 5 minutes you made me the tiniest piece of plastic to put between my two front teeth.  I was amazed.  I thought to myself is this really going to stay in and stop my grinding?  Well I can tell you that I started using it that first night of March 13.  It is now March 28th, and I can excitedly say that my daily headaches have vanished.  I sleep all night with it and have no problem keeping it in.  In addition, when I take it out in the morning, I actually feel like my jaw is getting realigned and it feels good!  Thank you.  For 33 years, other dentists have tried to get me to wear a night guard but to no avail.  You are the only dentist who deviced something I could sleep with and feel comfortable with.  But the biggest reward has been the loss of headaches and I definitely do not miss them!  Thank you Dr. Markus.

Rita DeFelicis

Dear Steve,

Thank you for creating my beautiful smile. Being a Professor of Restorative Dentistry, as well as a practitioner of cosmetic dentistry made my search for a colleague to do my work an endeavor to itself.

Not only am I totally pleased with your work, but it gives me a great pleasure to see a friend and classmate of mine from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine 1975, have the skills and passion that you demonstrate.

The trust and confidence your patients continue to show is well deserved.

Thanks again,
Leonard Cherkas, D.M.D., F.A.G.D., F.A.D.I.

Dear Dr. Markus,

Thank you for giving me the smile that I always dreamed of, but never thought I could have.  Before I came to the Centre for Dentistry, I had been told by other offices that the only way to correct my smile was through braces.  Since my primary concern was one misplaced tooth, I didn’t want to spend months or years with braces covering my smile.  However, during my first visit with you, I was offered a solution without braces along with a few other suggestions of how to perfect my smile.

Within weeks I had a temporary fix and after a few months, my permanent crown was in place.  After that was completed, you were able to close the space between my two front teeth and adjust the length of my teeth to make them more uniform, which took only two quick visits. I never expected my smile to look as beautiful as it does.  Now, I love showing off my perfect teeth.  Thank you for giving me a reason to smile.




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