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September 2015 – “Stay Well” Edition features articles about Aging, MD’s not Respecting Our Time, Vaccines, and Peanut Allergies

Summer 2015 – Throw away your dentures – learn about All on Four; Take Control of Your Family’s Health Issues – become your own best advocate; Gifts for our best referrers....and much more.

May 2015 – Why you and your family wants to see GMO labeling on foods; Erin Brockovitch takes on the issue of water fluoridation; Four Scams you should be on the lookout for, and much more.

March 2015 – Oscar Night Edition – two new documentaries that you and your friends should watch.

February 2015 – Some Valentines Day Gifts to Consider; A Documentary Underwritten by Dr. Markus Will be at the Atlantic City Film Festival; The Ambulance Drone – and much much more.

January 2015 – Free one month gym membership, Changing Your Health, Saving Money, and much much more.

December 2014 – More about the Flu Vaccine, Best Inventions of 2014 (Time Mag), Publication Pending, Cell Phones and Cancer and much much more.

October 31st, 2014Tricks: The CDC Really Doesn’t Know How Ebola is Spread; Merke: Vaccine Manufacturer being sued for Lying to Everyone, and withholding data linking MMR Vaccine to Autism; Dr. Suzanne Humphries on Flu Vaccine.  Treats: Dolphin Rescues Dog; Three the Hard Way – the longest 3 foot putt you’ll ever see; Protect Your Car from Thieves.

October 2014 – Al Capone’s Limo, Cover Up at Merke re: MMR Vaccines, EPA tells all US dentists: “Mandatory Filtering of Mercury from Your Wastewater” ... and much more

September 2014 – Toxins in Your Diet; The Over-Prescribing of AntiBiotics; Celebrity Smile MakeOvers, and more.

August 2014 – The State of Health Care in the US; Floss and Grow Rich; Responding to Any Emergency That Arises!

July 2014 - July 2014 – EKG using an iPhone; How to Bypass Cellular Out-going Messages; Going Green; Tony Gwynn dies from Oral Cancer

June 2014 - Why Sugar is more Addictive than Cocaine, Things You Should Know if You’re Taking Statin Medication for Cholesterol, Michele is Engaged!

April 2014 - The Affordable Care Act as it Relates to Dentistry, Life Expectancy Chart, The Migration of the Monarchs

March 2014 - The first of two parts about the current state of Dental Benefits. Some great links to some of the best emails I’ve gotten in February.

Valentine's Celebration Issue - Celebrating for Good Reason, and All That’s Good is a Good Enough Reason!

February 2014 - Why some of us oppose the Fluoridation of Water; A New Sport for the Russian Olympics; Punography; Crooked Little Lower Front Teeth straightened in Six Weeks! and much more

January 2014 - Healthy Lifestyle, Markus addresses Philadelphia Board of Health on Mercury Fillings, Anchored Dentures and much more.

December 2013 - Why we don’t support the fluoridation of the water supply, tips for your iPhone, Never pick up a dinner check again!

November 2013 - Giving Thanks, What is Ozonated Water about?, Why so Many Patients in Hospitals get Pneumonia After Surgery

October 2013 - What to do about the Flu Vaccine in 2013, Cosmetic Case of the Month, Garlic Soup for the Flu, and much more

September 2013 – Labor Day newsletter

July 2013
- Special Benefits for Preventive Dentistry for those Without Dental Insurance; Genetically Modified Vaccines and Other Federal Agency Misguidance; The Open at Merion; What foods you should go Organic With; and much more..........

June 2013 - What the evening news is not reporting; Introducing my golf blog; Angelo Errichetti’s Obituary; Congrats to Melissa!

May 2013 - What you don't know might be making you debilitated

April 2013 - Includes article about the Oklahoma dentist who didn’t care about his patients welfare, Cosmetic case of the month, Changes to our websites, Leaky Gut, Flu Vaccines, and more.

March 2013 - Flossing adds 6.4 years to your life expectancy. Diet Sodas can make you fat. Too much anti-oxidant might not be such a good thing. Case of the month: Lacey’s story. New artist in our Photographic Gallery online. New segment: Julia Scalise, Doctor of Nutrition

February 2013 – Flu Vaccines – what’s in them? Why did the flu epidemic go away? There are some who postulate the CDC and FDA had a fire sale, by advertising flu outbreak, and they sold out all vaccines. Amazing orthodontic/veneer case. International Accord reached on eliminating mercury fillings from the planet. And more.

Hurricane Sandy Edition – In our constant desire to give back to the community, we have arranged to donate dollars raised from our donated dental care to charities benefitting the victims in New Jersey.

Halloween 2012 – Halloween Candy Advice. Proof that prevention works, 93 year old Harry Brooks with all the teeth he had when he entered the practice on 2/22/1976. The dental connection to Pine Valley GC.

Fall 2012 – Michele T., and Dr. Markus celebrate the arrivals of their granddaughters. NYU bans the use of mercury amalgam fills. Selected by our peers again as Top Dentist in Philly Mag. The new and improved look of our website.

Fall 2009 – Introducing 6 Month Smiles. Sleep Apnea. What Coca Cola does to the body. Mercury and Autism. Should you take the swine flu vaccine?

Fall 2008 – Candy Collection for the Troops. Dr. Markus addresses the FDA again. It’s not the cholesterol, proof that speaking English is what lowers American’s life expectancies!

Fall 2007 – Halloween Candy for the Troops. Headaches and your bite. The confidence to treat a medical malpractice attorney. An amazing smile makeover for a businessman with very crooked front teeth, and more!

The dental experts at The Centre for Dentistry in Haddon Heights provide excellence in general, cosmetic, sedation, children’s, and restorative dentistry services for New Jersey patients. Conveniently located ½ mile from Exit 29 of I-295, we welcome families from Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Moorestown, and Voorhees. Find out what makes our office so special causing people to drive past hundreds of offices to see us.  We see a lot of Jersey Shore residents, and take into consideration how far you have travelled, and therefore offer expanded visits so that if you’re coming from a distance, you will have your travel time minimized. We seek to WOW you in so many ways. Most importantly -- we are empathetic -- we know what it's like to be a patient in the chair, and we stand out from the crowd. We have built a substantial patient loyalty since we established our office in 1976 by emphasizing the CARE in dental care. Book your appointment now!

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