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A 1990 study conducted in Canada by Dr. Fritz Lorsheider, Ph.D, and Dr. Murray Vimy, DDS, revealed the potential dangers of mercury from amalgam fillings. Dr. Stephen Markus of The Centre of Dentistry came across the study in 1992, and found the evidence so compelling, he made his dental practice completely mercury-free.

At The Centre for Dentistry in South Jersey, we do not place amalgam or metal fillings,  When we remove mercury fillings from our patients, there are special filters that remove mercury waste from the sewer lines. We don't want mercury to burden the environment.

The debate about the safety of mercury fillings continues to this day. Amalgam fillings have been banned in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and other countries, such as Canada, Austria, and Germany, discourage the use of mercury fillings, especially in children and pregnant women. Dr. Markus has been a long-time advocate of mercury-free fillings, and took his concerns to the 2010 FDA panel investigating the toxicity of mercury. We recommend our South Jersey patients check out this video, too. When a dental filling is needed to fix a damaged or decayed tooth, the dentists at The Centre for Dentistry use tooth-colored composite resin fillings. Composite fillings can be contoured exactly to the tooth being fixed, are readily repairable, and are virtually invisible.

We encourage you to watch this video testimonial from Dr. Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, which was filmed for the 2010 FDA hearings about amalgam safety.

One of our patients wrote this testimonial after our relieving his desperation.

With that evidence present, I have chosen to be extremely prudent. Since 1992 (when I became aware of the Vimy study), I have not placed mercury-containing fillings in patients' mouths, and with the removal of old amalgam fillings I am proud to announce that our new office building was equipped when constructed in 1997 with special filters that remove mercury waste from our drain lines, before it can get into the sewer system (and the environment). At that time we were one of only two offices in NJ that were taking this extra step to protect the environment, and to put our money where our mouth is. It. We take extra precautions to ensure safe removal of mercury fillings. For more information see Dr. McGuire's Website and Dr. Mercola's information about mercury in dental fillings.

The dental experts at The Centre for Dentistry in Haddon Heights provide excellence in general, cosmetic, sedation, children’s, and restorative dentistry services for New Jersey patients. Conveniently located ½ mile from Exit 29 of I-295, we welcome families from Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Moorestown, and Voorhees. Find out what makes our office so special causing people to drive past hundreds of offices to see us.  We see a lot of Jersey Shore residents, and take into consideration how far you have travelled, and therefore offer expanded visits so that if you’re coming from a distance, you will have your travel time minimized. We seek to WOW you in so many ways. Most importantly -- we are empathetic -- we know what it's like to be a patient in the chair, and we stand out from the crowd. We have built a substantial patient loyalty since we established our office in 1976 by emphasizing the CARE in dental care. Book your appointment now!

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