Lacey's Dental Story

Nothing shows our compassion better than the story of Lacey, and her family. I was at a dental meeting in Burlington County when one of my employees called. One of her friends’ nine year old daughter had taken a nasty fall at the roller rink, and her face hit the floor. From the way it was described to me, she needed to see someone as immediately. I rushed to the office. We mobilized Laura, my dental assistant who got there ahead of me, and started calming the family down. On my drive down, I called my colleague, Dr. Guy Lanzi, who is also the Philadelphia Flyers team dentist. I wasn’t sure what sort of trauma I’d be seeing, but there was a good chance if there were any broken facial bones, that he was going to be urgently needed.

When I got to the office I was relieved to see that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. As long as the x-ray showed no broken bones, we could handle it, and, her Dad had found the broken piece of tooth and had put it in a cup of milk to keep the enamel hydrated. The challenge was to take a very anxious nine year old, who’d never needed a filling, to get numb enough to start root canal treatment. Why not hear it in Lacey’s own words?

When one’s first dental visit, other than a cleaning, is a traumatic event like this, as her family’s dentist I had only one opportunity to give her the best experience. Her big sister calmed her down telling her about the magic trick I’d just shown her. I told Lacey that the biggest magic trick was yet to come. I was going to put her tooth to sleep and she wasn’t going to feel anything.

Now, before you jump to some hasty conclusions about a “lying dentist” let me tell you what I told Lacy. “The other day I had a 35 year old nurse in my chair for the first time, and she said to me that she gave people needles all day long. It’s different to be on the receiving end. I told her that I was going to have her rate my technique on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “get that rusty nail out of my mouth” and 10 being “when are you going to get started?”

I got a 10! She never knew I had done it! And I was going to do the same for Lacey.

While the topical anesthetic was working, Laura showed Lacey all the different devices we were going to use to fix her teeth, like the suction, and the bonding light. She even etched and bonded some composite to Lacey’s fingernail. Once the topical had worked for 5 minutes, we told her to close her eyes, because I was going to spray some “sleepy juice” on her tooth, and if it got into her eyes, she would fall asleep and we needed her awake.

The next step, as it is for every one of my patients is the extra step I take to get them numb: an anesthetic called Citanest, which doesn’t sting or burn, but is very short acting. Like the nurse, she never felt that part, and the rest of the procedure (using a more potent anesthetic which has a burn to it, if the gum isn’t already very numb) went quickly. We built Lacey’s confidence and trust first, and were able to totally remove the nerve.

We then bonded the piece of broken tooth back on, temporarily, until we have a chance to finish the root canal in a week or two. We took pictures of her before we started the work, and by the time we were done, we’re told, it was all over town, because the accident had happened at a school event. Isn’t this the kind of reference you’d like to read about a dentist you were considering going to for treatment?

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