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Dental Fluorosis

You would think a dentist would be in full support of water fluoridation, but after 30 years of thinking fluoride was safe, my mind has been changed. You might want to learn what I learned at

Certainly an unbiased source of information would be the well-regarded journal The Scientific American. Please read The Scientific American takes a Second Look at Fluoride.

I used to think that dentists who thought that mercury was unsafe, and dentists who campaigned against water fluoridation were "whacko's". My recent exposures to this declassified information gives me serious pause to accept anything that the government tells us is safe. It led to my addressing the FDA in September of 2006 on the safety of mercury in our patients fillings

Click here to view Video about Dental Flourosis.

Contact Dr. Steve Markus from the Centre For Dentistry for more . Dental fluorosis is an irreversible condition caused by excessive ingestion of fluoride during the tooth forming years. It is the first visible sign that a child has been overexposed to fluoride.

Fluoride causes dental fluorosis by damaging the enamel-forming cells, called ameloblasts. The damage to these cells results in a mineralization disorder of the teeth, whereby the porosity of the enamel is increased and the mineral content decreased.

This patient, as a child, used to eat his Chewable multi-vitamins with fluoride, like candy. Nobody told his mother that excess fluoride had this sort of potential.

Click here to read his mother's heartfelt response about her son's treatment.


Dental Fluorosis - New Jersey
Dental Fluorosis Treatment - New Jersey
New Jersey Dental Fluorosis
New Jersey Dental Fluorosis Treatment

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