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At The Centre of Dentistry in Haddon Heights, we know the importance of keeping your children’s teeth healthy. We highly recommend educating your children about daily oral hygiene, and creating a fear-free relationship with the caring dentists at The Centre for Dentistry. The sooner your child comes to the dentist, the sooner we can ensure their experiences, and their dental health, are excellent!

The First Dental Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the first children’s dentistry appointment occur when they get the first tooth—or by their first birthday. At The Centre for Dentistry, we invite you to bring in your one-year-old for a tour of our Haddon Heights office, and get them prepared for their first children’s dentistry visit. We give every child who takes the tour a prize, and you get a gift, too!

At what age do I start my child at the dentist?  Do I need to take my child to a specialist right from the start?  -- The answers to those questions are: When you feel your child is mature enough to sit in the dental chair and open his/her mouth wide.  Usually around age 3 is the time to start.  In the months leading up to that, when you brush your child’s teeth (never leave that to your child until much older) do it with their head in your lap sitting cross-legged on the floor.  This gets them used to the position they’ll be in when they are professionally cleaned for the first time.  In our 37 years of general practice we have rarely had to dismiss an uncooperative child.  When you take adequate care of their teeth and diet, preventative cleanings can be simple and fun.  Watch this video to see how simple the first visit can be.

Brushing and Flossing

At The Centre for Dentistry, we recommend that your child’s oral hygiene routine begin as soon as the first tooth comes in, and flossing should occur as soon as there are two teeth next to each other. It’s important not only to ensure your child’s oral health at an early age, but that you’re also preparing your son or daughter for a lifetime of proper dental care. Generally, children should start brushing and flossing on their own when they can properly hold the toothbrush, but you should oversee their endeavors until they’re older.

Dental Sealants & Fluoride Treatments

In Haddon Heights, The Centre for Dentistry offers two types of decay protections that may help your children keep their teeth healthy and cavity-free. A dental sealant is a thin plastic layer applied to the back molars. They protect teeth from decay and last for years. 

Nutritional counseling is also essential. Fluoridation of the water supply has been ineffective because parents believed that modern dentistry could solve all problems. And it can. The problem is: The solution can be very traumatic to young children; so we wish, as we are sure you do, to spare your child any unnecessary treatment. You may want to read more about why we feel so strongly about the lack of science, and the adverse effects fluoridation of water supplies can have on everyone. Please be sure to ask us about this when you’re in the office. Because the action of fluoride is topical, and not systemic, we can also do fluoride treatments when your children come in for their regular checkups. The treatment only takes a few minutes, and will give added protection between children’s dentistry visits. Because we always have two hygienists working simultaneously, large families of children can be accommodated in half the time.

Athletic Mouthguards

For the sports player in your family, the experts at The Centre for Dentistry in Haddon Heights can recommend the best athletic mouthguard. Your young athlete uses a mouthguard for all sports, if possible. As part of our children’s dentistry services, we can create custom mouthguards, or make recommendations for other types of protective gear. Find out what to do if your athlete sustains an oral injury.

Teen Tongue & Lip Piercings

At The Centre for Dentistry in Haddon Heights, we have concerns about piercings in the oral cavity for good reasons. Tongue or lip piercings can create infections, damage nerves, cause prolonged bleeding, injure gums, and negatively affect your teeth. We recommend you and your teen read information about oral piercings provided by the American Dental Association.

The dental experts at The Centre for Dentistry in Haddon Heights provide excellence in general, cosmetic, sedation, children’s, and restorative dentistry services for New Jersey patients. Conveniently located ½ mile from Exit 29 of I-295, we welcome families from Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Moorestown, and Voorhees. Find out what makes our office so special causing people to drive past hundreds of offices to see us.  We see a lot of Jersey Shore residents, and take into consideration how far you have travelled, and therefore offer expanded visits so that if you’re coming from a distance, you will have your travel time minimized. We seek to WOW you in so many ways. Most importantly -- we are empathetic -- we know what it's like to be a patient in the chair, and we stand out from the crowd. We have built a substantial patient loyalty since we established our office in 1976 by emphasizing the CARE in dental care. Book your appointment now!

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